I have to say that I am a bit of an introvert and have spent all of my life in one state near where my parents and siblings live. But I have wanted to earn more money, so that meant I would have to step outside of my comfort zone and widen the search for jobs with a better salary. I really like the Columbia, South Carolina area, so I began my job search there. I was invited to three interviews, and I landed a position with one of the companies. My salary will be double what it is now!

Of course, this also meant that I would need to quickly start looking for a new place to live there. I flew in to take a weekend to look at all of the different places. I found many places to live near where my new job will be located, but one place really stood out because it had all of the amenities that I was looking for. Read the rest of this entry »

When you are in the middle of bad credit problem, you need to be sure that you have the right solution to fix that problem. Big debt problem can affect your financial life badly and even it can really change your life. Like it or not, you are walking on a thin line and without the right plan, you are risking your family to lose everything. The faster you think about the best solution, the bigger your change to get the problem fixed.

Like many other American people, you have debt accounts to help you cover many things. It is ranging from mortgage to car loan and it is including credit card debt. How to fix debt problem with debt consolidation, Jeremy Marcus has the best answer. He is one of professionals in financial industry with huge interest in debt consolidation system. He is called to help people through his expertise in finance and he is committed to promote financial literacy among people in this country. Through financial education, financing, and saving, people are encouraged to improve their financial health. It is including creating the best system for debt consolidation to effectively fix debt problem without giving bigger burden.

Jeremy Marcus shares his philosophy and mission in financial health though 321Loans.org, a non-profit institution to promote financial literacy and helping people improving financial health. This institution has team of experts in this field ready to help people with debt problem to get a second chance in life. Debt consolidation program offered by this institution is designed to meet your actual needs and your current situation. It will offers the best possible options to consolidate your debt with a well prepared schedule. It is also guaranteed that the new debt used to consolidate your previous debts will come with very reasonable rate preventing you from another burden.



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Rebuilding credit takes time, but money is time. Lenders can provide the funds to pay off high interest loans, consolidate debt and refinance at better rates. Knowledge is power, learn about the 321 Loans Scam and sources that are trustworthy. From my experience 321 Loans is not a scam and they are able to help their clients obtain low interest loans.

The type of loan needed will help determine which lender to use. Types include fixed-rate, adjustable and government loans. Be prepared before considering any loan offers. Check out loan packages online and see what competitors are offering. Ask questions from the lender, there is no such thing as a stupid question. Protect your money. Request a copy of your history and score several weeks prior to your application. Review your credit history for accuracy and give yourself time to correct any errors in your history report. Lenders will review your past usage of credit and errors on your credit score can mean you wont get approved or you will pay a higher rate.

Use a loan calculator to determine the maximum monthly payment (principle and interest) and the maximum loan amount for which you may qualify. Enter all income and expenses as monthly figures. In the results you will find your maximum loan payment with principal and interest, estimated taxes and insurance, estimated monthly payments and the amount you should be eligible to borrow. The lending term and rate will help determine your eligibility for that particular loan.

Refinancing current high-interest loans are a must when climbing out of debt. A multitude of factors, such as existing interest rate and the current interest rates, will determine if refinancing will save money. Saving money by refinancing depends on a multitude of factors. These factors include your existing interest rate and the current interest rates.

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